StereoRadio Band Website - Knowing When It's Time to Get Legit



Get ready to hear more from these guys.  

StereoRadio are a group of up and coming Knoxville based synth rockers whose previous online presence fell WAAAAY short of the glory of their polished and mature sound.  For the past year, they've been (borderline) embarrassed to send people to their website because of how lame it was.  EMBARRASSED I tell you!!  

Here's why:

The old front page

The old "about" page

The old "about" page

The new front page.

The new "about" page.

There's a million technical ways we've improved the site--it's easier to navigate, it's more social, it portrays more personality, it makes better use of screen space, it's branded better, and the list could go on.  (Check out the mobile version and you'll see about 30 more reasons.)  But technical improvements aside, it just makes a better impression--on fans, on interested labels, whoever.  For StereoRadio, it was time to get legit.

So this begs the question…when is it time to get legit? 

A musician myself, I know the dilemma all too well.  I get it.  You're a band.  You want to invest your time and your money in your sound.  A band is about the music, not a flashy image or a fancy website.  And plus, money is tight enough as a musician…if there's a few extra bucks laying around, you'd rather invest in some new drum heads or a mic that actually works than a serious website.  

For real, I know the feeling.  And for some of you, you're right.  When you're just getting started, you may need to put all your eggs in the proverbial "music basket" for a while.  You need to actually put the rubber to the road and write some good songs before you worry about nailing down your online presence.  But that's not what I'm talking about.  

I'm talking about the bands out there with a few crowd favorites in their roster.  You're booking a few shows besides your high school talent show.  Who knows, you may even have a label checking you out from afar, WHO KNOWS?  The point is this--if you're ready to get serious about this band stuff and really turn some heads, it's time for a better website.

StereoRadio was one of those bands.  They booked over 100 shows last year and they're on pace to beat that in 2014.  They're working on a project with acclaimed Nashville producers.  They've got a couple week stint in Europe this summer for heaven sakes!  For these guys, it was time.  Honestly, it was past time.  The website was no longer a peripheral novelty; it was actually holding them back.  It was portraying a less-than-realistic and less-than-flattering picture of an otherwise stellar rising name.  

If you're a band and you know it's time to get legit--drop me a line!