The Nomad's Land: Full Client Control



I found out about Nomad's Land through my long-time friend Stephen DeVries.  Now--besides being a PHENOMENAL professional photographer (see what I mean here), he's also the founder of a nonprofit called Bedouins International (check it out here), AND to top it off, the legendary electric guitarist of my college rock band, aptly named, the Joneses (our myspace is somehow still alive here).  So all in all, Stephen is basically saving the world.  

The Joneses in Action!

Well, as part of his nonprofit, Stephen introduced me to the good folks at Nomad's land and told me what they're all about. Nomad's Land is a Christian ministry that provides an incredible community for people from all walks of life to grow in their practical faith and relationships with others. AKA, it's an awesome ministry.  We were excited to be able to pour our energy and time into such an awesome cause. 

Per Nomad's request, we were able to create a website that is FULLY customizable and editable straight from their end.  So they can upload photos, write a blog, connect their social media, embed videos, accept donations, all with one incredibly simple interface.  This is an opportunity that most ministries and non-profits dream of--but often have trouble finding in an affordable way.  

Here at Stuart Jones Media, we take pride in finding ways to help causes that we believe in, and Nomads is definitely one of those causes...another one of those causes may involve a little reunion concert with the Joneses....just sayin!

Check out Nomad's new site here: