Five Videos is Better than One: CFI Insulation Productions

A few months ago, I launched a website for an incredible local company, CFI Insulation. (CHECK OUT THEIR SITE!!)  Included with this web launch, I created four unique videos to tell different parts of CFI's story and share their services with potential clients.  The website launch was a HUGE success, and the videos have been bringing in business for CFI ever since we launched.  

The days and weeks continued to pass, until recently, Scott Dyke at CFI asked me to throw together a new video for his company for a trade show at which they were holding a booth.   He wanted something that would share the essence of all four videos in one, condensed format.  The video would play on a loop at the booth and draw in potential clients.

And so, as I began to work on this video, I realized I never adequately shared the first four videos!  There was so much excitement about the website itself (which you can read about in a past blog entry:  CFI Insulation:  The Whole Package - Essential for Small Businesses) that I never shared these videos!  Well, better late than never, here they are!  (And of course, the newest video is featured at the top of this post.)

If you're building a new home, renovating an existing home, or thinking about a home addition, you NEED to talk to the guys at CFI about how the right insulation will save you some dough!

A homeowner shares her experience with CFI both in rebuilding a historic home, and adding new living space to an existing home. 

Meet CFI Owner and Co-Founder Scott Dyke, and hear some of the values and services that CFI offers it's clients. 

An overview of some of CFI's recent commercial jobs as well as some of their most common commercial services.

The story of CFI is that of a locally owned and operated "mom and pop" business that was built from the ground up.