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What can I say about this one?  It was an absolute honor to work with this local non-profit ministry.  Their goal is to empower widows and orphans trapped in the most destitute situations all over the globe.  

When it comes to stuff I feel confident getting behind and supporting, it really doesn't get any better than that!  It was truly an honor to offer my skills and expertise to serve this ministry!

And what better way to serve than to create a PHENOMENAL website and e-commerce web store for them!?  I can think of none.  Let me tell you a bit about how I helped.  Before Anna's Gate founder CarolMarie Smith approached me to create this website, they had tried building several websites before, each with it's own independent Paypal-based web store, and all under several different domain names.  Over time, as different volunteers cycled through, email addresses got changed, bank accounts got confused, and needless to say, it had become a complete debacle.  Orders were being placed but somehow no one knew.  Customers were paying but not receiving their products.  People were getting mad.   

When CarolMarie approached me, her main request was, "MAKE IT SIMPLE!"  Done.  First thing I did was get rid of Paypal...and everyone said, Amen.  Paypal was groundbreaking a while back, but it's just a hassle now.  Second, consolidation.  I pulled all the items from all the other stores into one, and then we shut the others down.  Now all the orders are coming from one site, to one email address, and automatically depositing into one bank account.  Now everyone breathe a sigh of relief.......e-commerce has never been this simple!

Besides the web store, I think I put together quite a nice site!  The highlight, for me, is the Anna's Gate banner.   CarolMarie wanted a banner that was simple, yet sufficiently conveyed the complex and far-reaching vision of their ministry.  I think I did just that with the banner:   

Anyway, I could go on, but I'd rather you see it for yourself!  Go ahead:  www.annasgateinternational.com


Questions about getting your own website/web store like this one?  Drop me a line--I'll get right back to you!

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