The Nomad's Land: Full Client Control



I found out about Nomad's Land through my long-time friend Stephen DeVries.  Now--besides being a PHENOMENAL professional photographer (see what I mean here), he's also the founder of a nonprofit called Bedouins International (check it out here), AND to top it off, the legendary electric guitarist of my college rock band, aptly named, the Joneses (our myspace is somehow still alive here).  So all in all, Stephen is basically saving the world.  

The Joneses in Action!

Well, as part of his nonprofit, Stephen introduced me to the good folks at Nomad's land and told me what they're all about. Nomad's Land is a Christian ministry that provides an incredible community for people from all walks of life to grow in their practical faith and relationships with others. AKA, it's an awesome ministry.  We were excited to be able to pour our energy and time into such an awesome cause. 

Per Nomad's request, we were able to create a website that is FULLY customizable and editable straight from their end.  So they can upload photos, write a blog, connect their social media, embed videos, accept donations, all with one incredibly simple interface.  This is an opportunity that most ministries and non-profits dream of--but often have trouble finding in an affordable way.  

Here at Stuart Jones Media, we take pride in finding ways to help causes that we believe in, and Nomads is definitely one of those causes...another one of those causes may involve a little reunion concert with the Joneses....just sayin!

Check out Nomad's new site here:

Aerial Realty Videos: The Next Big Thing

I wanted to end my week of blogging with a bang, so here it is, the future of real estate marketing all over the world:  Aerial Realty Home Tours.

Realty is historically an extremely competitive industry, and smart realtors are constantly looking to get ahead of the curve on the next big thing.  They're constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd--to build, as I call it, their "digital curb appeal."  

A few years ago, it was HD photos.  Until just a couple years ago, most photos you could find on a realty listing website were horrible.  However, with the advent of low cost DSLR cameras, high quality photos quickly became an absolute must for each new listing a realtor posts.  

So what's the next big thing coming to the realty market?  I believe it's aerial home tours.  In just the past couple of years, aerial drones have become more accessible than ever before.  In fact, the time is coming where I believe super-smart drones will become relatively common-place.  While today they are still seen as a high-end specialty, drones will continue to get smarter, smaller, cheaper, and far more useful in the very near future.  The technology is exploding right now, and I really believe we can hardly imagine what's just around the corner. 

One place we are going to feel the impact of that is in the real estate industry.  As more amateur and professional videographers begin to offer aerial video services, and more realtors begin to utilize those services, aerial video will quickly become nearly as standard as HD photos when listing a home.  Before long, drones will be smart enough to complete the entire video creation process themselves, requiring no human skill from either a videographer or a realtor to create phenomenal home tours.  

So, for all you realtors out there, looking for the next big thing, THIS IS IT!  Take a look at a few of the other videos we've created for realtors recently, and contact us when you're ready to make one of your own!  

MediaWorks Mentor Tribute: The Heroes of Digital Media

Probably the most powerful part of being involved with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center's MediaWorks program this summer was the unrestricted access it gave us to some of the most brilliant and influential minds in digital media today.  Really, they are the heroes of digital media--right here in Knoxville, Tennessee.

It's a little known fact that Knoxville is an unassuming giant in the digital media industry of the United States.  For example, did you know that Scripps Networks Interactive--the company behind HGTV, the Travel Channel, DIY, and Food Network--is located right here in our own backyard?  For REAL!  I mean, they're right down the street, broadcasting some of the most well-known lifestyle content in the WORLD.  

One of the things that made MediaWorks so amazing is that we were given one-on-one contact with some of the guys who played a tremendous part in putting Knoxville on the map in the digital media world.  And each of these guys, though they have risen to the very top of their fields, felt compelled to give back to the community of Knoxville by volunteering as a mentor for MediaWorks.  

Thus, the heroes of digital media.

It really was an incredible honor to spend some time with each of these geniuses, and to share their vision for the future of Knoxville and digital media.  

Let me know what you think!

Sweet Aroma Coffee Website: Easily Accept Monthly Payments



This one is WAY overdue!  

I had the privilege of working with a group of world-changing-mastermind-visionary super heroes to put this site together.  Johnny and Christin Eastman, founders of Sweet Aroma, along with their close friend and partner Stephanie Bittick, have a vision to fight sex trafficking at home and overseas with their non-profit, Sweet Aroma Coffee. 

Here's how it works:  for a small monthly membership fee, Sweet Aroma supplies subscribers with a monthly supply of various premium coffees.  Sweet Aroma then donates a substantial portion of the profits to ministries all over the world.  You get awesome coffee, we fight sex trafficking together, and everyone wins!

This is an idea I was excited to get behind, and we had a blast putting this site together!  Everyone with an entrepreneurial mind knows the magic and beauty of recurring monthly payments, so I was happy to set that up for Sweet Aroma to help them maximize their effectiveness and serve their clients smoothly.  

In addition to designing the site and helping to craft the way their message is communicated through words, I did all the photography and all of the graphic design for the site as well.  I could not be more proud of how it turned out!  

I love before/after shots, so in closing, here's a few:

Front Page Before.

"Who We Are" Page Before

Front Page After

"Who We Are" Page After

Take a look at the site yourself, and if you want to get behind what they're doing, subscribe!

Jacob + Elise's Wedding: Capturing the Most Important Day of their Lives

Day two of my week-long blogging spree, and I'm happy to present Jacob and Elise Thress's Wedding Highlight video:

Wedding highlight videos have made an enormous and dramatic entrance onto the scene over the past couple of years.  Even two years ago, when I married my wife Abby, wedding highlight videos were something of a delicacy.  But today, they are quickly becoming an essential part of the wedding repertoire, right up there with professional photography and the 80's cover band for the reception.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to capture this day for couples. 

Jacob and Elise's day was super fun, filled with all the usual joys of a happy wedding day--beautiful setting, lots of smiles, and tiny flying helicopters capturing a one-of-a-kind view of the day from the air.  All in a day's work here at Stuart Jones Media!  

Hope you enjoy their day as much as I did!

Got a wedding coming up?  Get in touch!